Friday, February 04, 2005

Heart Beeps

I was finishing up the dishes yesterday when my youngest daughter, age 5, came in to keep me company. I told her I was about to go out to the garage to do my workout. She told me "I wanna come work out too, cause I need to make my heart beep." Always tickled pink when my children say something cute, I encouraged her to continue. "Oh yeah? Why?" She answered very convincingly, "Because when your heart beeps, it means you love somebody. If it stops beeping, your heart is broken, and nobody loves you." I assured her that she had nothing to worry about, as she has the strongest heart of anyone I know. I was rewarded with a tight hug.

Speaking of hearts, I finished my Valentine happy I stitched up for fun. It's called Angle of Love by Cross Eyed Kat Designs, and I stitched it with Krenik silks, and an overdyed Dinky Dyes silk (#47 - Cowrie Shell). It's done on a Silkweaver solo. I love the mix of Science and the Arts, since I am a stitcher with a Biology degree ;)


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