Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I love my Mac!

I may get flamed for this, but I simply HATE PC's! I have a Mac Powerbook that follows me through the house wherever I go. Before Christmas, the power adapter broke, and I was forced to use DH's Windoze Laptop. Blech. I don't understand why these computers are so prominent, when Macs are SOOO much easier to use! Well, now my Mac is back, with a brand new power adapter and a RAM upgrade, courtesy of Christmas and my Dad (also a fellow Mac-addict).

Apple is also the proud maker of my iPod, which I don't know how I ever lived without. Not only does it faithfully play commercial-free hours of my favorite songs, but I can also listen to books faster than I could ever read them. That means I can "read" and stitch at the same time! My two favorite hobbies combined. Right now I'm "reading" State of Fear by Michael Crichton. Ahhh....Life is good.


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