Friday, August 26, 2005

Hazel Nut

I have been a big fan of Sister Hazel the last few years, against my better judgement. While my music preferences lie more in the rock/alternative category, there's just something about this band that I adore. Perhaps it's their knack to write true-to-life songs that are easy to apply to my own existence. Perhaps it's my kinship with their city of origin, Gainseville, as it is also my place of birth. As poor an excuse as that is, I keep trying to rationalize my attraction, rather than come right out and admit that I just love the music for what it is: the pure sound, the acoustic guitar, but most of all, the harmony.

Even though they recorded their latest album here in Memphis, and they've visited on several occasions, I have missed them for one reason or another. However, a couple weeks ago, I saw an announcement at our local Beale Street theatre that they would be giving another concert this month. I decided I wouldn't miss this one, and purchased tickets right away.

I enjoyed myself to the fullest extent possible. They didn't play a single song that I didn't know, and they seemed to really enjoy themselves on the stage. I am still uplifted from that performance!

I also made a personal discovery: I do not enjoy simply being an observer! I have to be active, fully involved in the things I enjoy, not a mere bystander. I sang, I danced, and I jumped with the rhythm of each song (although I don't attest that I did it well). Even then, I would have loved to meet the band, get their autographs, have a chat. We snuck over to the Peabody Hotel in the hopes of seeing them after the show, but abandoned the attempt after a small wait. Completely exhausted, completely satisfied, I returned home thinking how lucky I was to have had a chance to see the show.


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