Monday, September 25, 2006

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

I got the best text message from my SIL the other day. It was something to this effect:

"I've always wanted to tell you that...Fill in the blank, reply, then send this to all your friends and learn something about yourself!"

Now, I almost never participate in text forwards, but I thought this one might be fun. So I sent it off to my bestest and closest friends. Almost everyone replied, and all the responses were so nice to read. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have such good friends, and such a loving family. I am truly blessed, and loved more than I deserve!

So maybe not all text forwards are a bad idea. Try this one - it will make your day!

Speaking of love and family, I made a few more pages. I know I'm late, but I did promise birthday pictures!

Sleepy Superstar

All the birthday festivities wore him out!

Layout details and credits are here.

Life is a SeeSaw

Daddy teaming up with the girls on the playground

Layout details and credits are here

Peek a Boo

The girls peeking out the windows of the playhouse at the park

Layout details and credits are here.


Not birthday related, but I also did a layout for my desktop. I wanted it to look like somthing that would actually be on my desk, although this is a little neater than real life!

Layout details and credits are here.


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