Monday, August 21, 2006

Competition Totals

I finished the competition last night with a total of 4256 stitches. I stitched until I was falling asleep at my needle! Nowhere close to the master stitchers on the board, but I'm happy with it anyway.


I haven't had a lot of stitching time this weekend, because we have been redecorating oldest DD's room. We built the house 3 years ago so that every girl could have their own room, but then Alex came along and changed that plan! So the two little ones had to move into the largest room, and Morgan (the oldest) had to take the "blue room." Not too long ago, I realized in horror that Morgan only has 4 years left in the house before college, and she may no longer be living here at home. I want those years to be in a room she can really enjoy, so we started painting, building, and sewing this weekend. She will have a whole sleeping nook with a trundle bed below and bookshelves built in all around. A curtain will hide her away while she reads, sleeps, or listens to her music. Storage will not be a problem, even though she has the smallest room. And it will all be in cool, teenage-friendly colors of brown, pink, and lime green. I can't wait to post the after pictures!


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