Monday, August 09, 2004

Stitchers' Spotlight

I have been chosen to be the first spotlightee on the new Mirabilia BB Stitchers' Spotlight! How cool is that? I've always read the Spotlight on the TWBB, but never thought I'd be in one! Now all my fellow stitchers can get to know me! I like being the center of attention ;)

In other news, I had my bi-weekly doctor's appointment today. Turns out they can't get me scheduled for a 3-D sonogram until the 25th, more than two weeks away. By then, it may be too late in my pregnancy to get a good facial picture. This will be my last pregnancy, and this type of sonogram wasn't developed during my other ones, so I really wanted to do it this time. I went ahead and booked it, but I'm going to think hard about it. I don't want to pay $250 (not covered by insurance) for a not-so-great picture. I will talk it over with my doctor and see what she thinks before I decide whether or not I will do it. I'm very disappointed.

But, hey - excited about the Stitchers' Spotlight!


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