Friday, August 06, 2004

Emmy Tragedy

As if I weren't dreading the seaweed enough....

I had decided to substitute a light green metallic braid for the lightest shade of green in the seaweed of my Emerald Mermaid. I thought it made it look wet, mossy, and sparkly, and I was loving the effect! It made stitching the seaweed, which is full of color changes, so much more pleasant. Sigh.....

My spool fell off my stitching chair and rolled under my bed without my knowledge ("on top of spaghetti....all covered with cheese..."). Unfortunately, my dog found it first :'( What I could salvage is completely unusable. So, get another spool, right? Well, not so easy. That particular spool was leftover from another project, and the sticker with the color number had fallen off, so I have no idea what color it was! And I was so close to being done!

Below, you can see a pic of my substitution, along with my current progress. I am so frustrated right now, I put her aside and started on The Kiss! LOL


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